Eid Al-Anzi Sons Transportation Co was founded on 10.15.1995 ie nearly 25 years in the field of transportation of food and are shipping company services cover all over the UK, also owns more than 100 trucks and 100 Brad and after the death of founding father has been transferred to the company sons Festival Awad Anzi Transport dated 10.8.2013

The company offers transportation services Balbradat conventional cargo (dry) and refrigerated goods and frozen goods as well as other logistical services to a wide range of customers within the UK.

The company’s main carrier of the largest companies in the Kingdom are considered as follows most prominent clients

Fekeeh farms company for poultry

Farouk and safe company pass

Pharmaceutical company scaffold

Refrigerator mine

The stock company for the distribution of food

Refrigerator Alhahina

Tabuk Agriculture Company (TADCO)

Tabuk Pharmaceutical Co.


Spring Company

Gulf Catering Company (Kako)

Arab Company for pharmaceutical preparations (Arabio)

Azizia Panda United Inc.

Savola Group

Mohsen SkyCargo